Virus detection

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Virus detection

Post by Quidam »

Avira is giving me a warning on your executable right after the installation, claiming it hosts the trojan 'TR/Crypt.TPM.Gen2'. File is automatically quarantined.

Can you explain this behaviour ?
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Re: Virus detection

Post by bernd »

This is something you should ask your anti virus software company (vsc).

This could be an false/positive alarm.

if you split the message into it parts you will see what happened:

Crypt - Software seems to be encrypted and this is correct. the serial key unlock feature of the software needs to be protected against hackers.
Gen2 - stands for generic - its a generic message and it's only be printed because of some silly heuristics.

to be safe, check my executable with other anti virus software. report this false positive to your vsc.
if you don't own a other software, upload bomac at googles virus-total:
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