Now stable version 1.5.0

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Now stable version 1.5.0

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here comes the new version.

changes to the 1.4 are:
- fixed the issues with the new GMA 3.1.x software. take a look here, please.
- changes to Art-Net to support version 3
- dmx channels are now assignable

bomac 1.5 uses a new file format. you can open old project files, but you need to check/edit the universe settings!
Pre 1.5 versions of bomac CAN'T open the new file format! If you test or you plan to downgrade, make a copy of your project file first!


Warning: this file contains a bug which requires to use the IP as Client IP, if you are using the client-ip field!
Get the new version of bomac 1.5.1, please. ... -1.5.0.msi

A big thank you goes to Daniel who did the final stable prove (and sending me a photo of his stage).
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Nature one Century Circus
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