New test version of bomac 1.4.0

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New test version of bomac 1.4.0

Post by bernd » Wed Aug 20, 2014 6:43 pm

Hi users,

again i spend some time for improving bomac. In this version are some small new features:
  • Art-Net handling change - Art-Net packets are now send with 44 frames per seconds as dmx standard it does, but only if some values are change. If no value is change bomac sends a keep alive frame every 2000 milliseconds.
  • "Are you sure to close"-Message does not show if the system is shutdown - no data will be saved.
  • Some configuration values are moved into a external optional config file. This is located in install directory and has the extension .ini.
  • AutoNoteOff handling change - notes are now queued if required and repeated. The note off is now send after 2 DMX-frames per default after every single event. before i send only after a DMX-frame if no new values arrived.
New external config values:
Values specifies how many DMX-frames are send per second.
Internally the value will converted in milliseconds between packets.
timeBetweenPackets = 1000/<value>

default: 44
minimum: 1
maximum: 44 see DMX documentation

Values specifies when a Art-Net packet should be send if no changes are made.
At least send every <value> milliseconds a packet.

default: 2000
minimum: 1000 / 44
maximum: 4000 see Art-Net documentation

Value specifies after how many DMX-frames the value is set to 0 if a event has option "auto note off" checked.
Some consoles need more than one frame to react to a value change. With this value i can be forced that value is transmitted in more frames before it is reset to zero.
If the same midi event will appear again, the value is stored i a queue. This can cause a delay to the last value to be transferred.
sample: 10 events from a fader with note off will cause 20 (10*2) frames for value + 10 frames for note off - so at least 28 frames must be send until the last value is transferred follow by 1 repeat and that note off.

default: 2
minimum: 1
maximum: 4294967295

This test version can be unstable or can have data loss as result - it should not used in production! ... -1.4.0.msi

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Re: New test version of bomac 1.4.0

Post by bernd » Fri Sep 05, 2014 10:47 pm

Hi last weekend i tested it. It is stable but i found some small issues that i don't release it yet.
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