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Sorry for my poor english
I would like to command MA3 Artnet TC via Show Cue Sytem MTC (with LoopMidi)
I try to use free version BOMAC to do this. I followed the video tutorial to define the system and the MIDI device. From SCS, BOMAC find well the bytes from LoopMidi. But no Artnet TC arrives to my GrandMA3 light console (Ethernet Cable in CON1, adress
Help appreciated.
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Re: BOMAC-LoopMidi-ArtnetTC-MA3

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I'm sorry to tell you, bomac in version 1.6 not able to transfer Midi or Art-Net timecode.
no matter paid or free version.
It is simply not designed for yet.

Art-Net timecode is already on feature wish list, but it is not "finished" yet.

If you want, I can send you an email when a beta version is ready.

Current supported CC and notes - see: ... converter/
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