Set dmx value static

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Set dmx value static

Post by ltaudio »

This software is 90% of what I need, lets say I have a fixture that uses 5 dmx channels 1Dimmer 2Red 3Green 4Blue 5White. I would want to set the dmx value 1 to 100% or dmx 255 all the time and have the midi values change DMX channel 2 through 5. Is there any way to do that with this software, perhaps a config file or something?
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Re: Set dmx value static

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Can you explain a little more what you want to do, please?
For me is sounds like

Currently the software cannot send static values over a channel. Every values which will send, must be assigned to a midi fader/button.
With bomac you cannot create sequences/chasers. If you like too, then better use a light controlling software like Martin MPC or MA Dot2.

Why is learning 5 faders and pulling the first up to 100% not a solution for you?
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