MacOS Problem

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MacOS Problem

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Hi Guys!
I have a problem I could not solve:
I am work with MagicQ consoles (Chamsys) and i have a MacOs, when i start a program - everything seemed okay, all works perfectly.
But when i push a "Save" button - program gives an error with saving...
I ran the program via Wineskin.

I repeat: everything is going well, but when i try to save - i got an error :(

With Russia, with love :)

p.s. Sorry for my english. I am Russian :lol:
MacOs Error :(
MacOs Error :(
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Re: MacOS Problem

Post by bernd »

There is a Microsoft component missing on your PC.

It's called MSXML 3.0 and is normally part of the Windows OS. Your used emulation software seems to be not perfect.

You could try to find a download MSXML at Microsoft home page. 3.0 is part of the OS so i guess there will be no download. Maybe you will find 4.0, but i'm not sure that that one is down compatible with 3.0.

When you use a search engine with "Wineskin" and "msxml" there a alot of hits saying Wineskin and msxml are not compatible. Maybe someone found a fix for Wineskin.

Try parallels or fusion with a correct windows platform to solve the problem.
BOMAC relies on a working Microsoft Windows.
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