Disconnect after 30 min?

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Disconnect after 30 min?

Post by christian »


considering buying this software full license but I had an issue at a show I was trying it with...

Cybernet PC Windows 7
MA2 onPC
Command wing
Elation MidiCon

To use both the buttons and faders I used MIdiOx and Midi Yoke to "duplicate" the midicon device. One device is used in the MidiRemotes in MA, the other for the faders is routed thru BOMAC.

Everything works great except after 3 hours on show bomac stopped reading fader inputs. They were frozen. I had to restart Bomac, load the profile, delete the device, re add device, and re learn. Then it would work for 30 minutes and fail again.

Any ideas? Thank you for this great utility!
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Re: Disconnect after 30 min?

Post by bernd »

Currently i have no idea what happens. You are the first who reports a freeze of bomac.

i can only guess.

Bomac does not work with two of the same midi devices.
Bomac detects changes on midi devices and tries to reconnect them. Check the small plug symbol in front of each device.
Plugs connected -> Plugs not connected

When the fader freezes are the plugs connected?

My guess: windows could re-announce the devices and bomac try to reconnect them. the could be still allocated, which could raise the freeze.

Workaround if you don't need to transfer the faders over network:
You can use MidiOx to convert the CC to Notes.
I used MidiOx before i created my software.

Why do you need to duplicate the device?
Maybe there is a better solution
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Re: Disconnect after 30 min?

Post by vjmvbs »


I like to ask Cristian if the Elation midi controle also can apply on the encoder wheels (Position - color ect...) on the Ma2 Pc

Regards Vincent
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