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When I tried to run your software my anti virus said it had a Trojan.

I ran it through multiple scans on virustotal and there were a lot of results showing it had a Trojan.

Currently I do not feel safe using this software.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Trojan

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What should i write?
You are doing right - don't start a software you don't trust!

About AV:
Some antivirus solutions can produce false positive messages.
Some AV just looks for heuristics and fall into a panic mode if they find encryption and network access.
If this applies to you, i don't know.

But you can check the Setup, the Executable with other virus scanners-
Check twice with different scanners and signature updates, if there is a virus on your computer or not.
You can also send the suspected binary to your AV company to ensure this is a virus or a false positive.

Before I upload a new release to my webpage, I check the binary with
They are running multiple scan engines against the upload.

Problem in general:
Viruses are newer than and anti-virus software. When i upload it, there is no known virus in my upload!
It could contain a unknown one, which can't detected with current AV signatures.

What I can you tell you for sure:
- bomac uses network to send Art-Net
- bomac uses a strong encryption to protect my intellect of property and to protect the licence system. This is done using themida (
and finally
- bomac is cool ;-)
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