Download, test and BUY a licence

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Download, test and BUY a licence

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Hi, i know my homepage is not so good a should be.

This is the reason for this quick FAQ:

Where is the download?
The current stable version is always a sticky forum post in this topic at the top:

Is the software free to use and what is the difference to the pay version?
Yes, it's free to use. With the free version you can only use 14 MIDI keys, knobs/fader. If you buy my software you can use 512. This limit is from available DMX channels per universe.

Where to buy a licence code?
You cannot buy the software directly from me, because EU tax law is to complicated.
One shop is operated by digital river and it is named "ShareIt shop".
ShareIt Shop

Covid-19 has reduced my sold units drastically. DigitalRiver has canceled my ShartIt shop to 15.08.2021, because missing gross.

If you are located in Germany, you can still by my software by email order. Price per Unit: 50€+19% MwSt. = 59.50€
If not, sorry i'm working on a solution.
EU: Tax in EU are really complicated, i need to send tax to each country depending on where you are living in.
Non EU: I'm working on an easy way that you can pay me.

Where to enter the licence code?
Start the software and use menu "help"->"licence manager".
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